Palm Tree Pruning

Palm Tree Pruning

Why Prune Your Palm Tree

The large, vibrant and picturesque fronds of a palm are like no other tree out there. However, sometimes they get too big without dropping, and present a looming stress of not knowing whether the large sections will fall onto cars, roofs or even worse, people. So, the best thing you can do to avoid this is to hire a professional to prune your palm tree, as this little haircut can be the difference between a healthy looking palm and an ugly one.

We undertake all palm tree maintenance tasks for you. Our services are aimed at ensuring your palm tree remains healthy and beautiful for a long time, and pruning is just one of the ways this can be accomplished.

The dangers of not pruning

Not pruning can lead to an undesirable aesthetic for your palm. The larger sagging fronds will eventually turn brown and die to make way for the new fronds above. This isn’t the best look, and being proactive with your pruning can remove these older fronds to help emphasise the new ones.

Similarly, this will remove the possibility of the wind causing detachment to the larger, older fronds. Something that can be extremely hazardous, and not to mention fill your yard with unwanted debris.

Hiring a Professional to Prune your Palm

There is a fine line when it comes to pruning, and this is just another reason that you must hire a professional for this process. If over pruned, the tree can lose its appeal, as well as its natural water runoff capabilities. These issues can lead to plant disease and even growth restriction. A professional will also be able to be consistent with their trimming, and ensure that your palm isn’t left looking out of proportion.

The professionals will know when pruning is required and when it isn’t, and therefore a consultation with the team will be able to determine whether you need pruning, or whether you need another sort of palm tree maintenance. Our team of palm tree pruning professionals have all of the necessary safety equipment and training to ensure that this process is stress-free.

Although pruning may seem simple, it requires a level of expertise that is only found in professional arborists. With chainsaws, pruning tools and harnesses, our team have years of experience pruning palms.

If your palm is looking in desperate need of a trim, give our team a call to organise a consultation, our team will be able to tell you exactly what services you need, and how healthy your palm is.

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