Palm Tree Removal Australia

Palm Tree Removal

Is palm tree removal necessary on my property?

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to your home that give your outdoor space a genuine tropical feel. However, some unforeseen circumstances will require your beautiful tree to be removed.

There are numerous reasons for removing a palm tree, and the larger size of the tree means that this process must be undertaken by a team of professionals at all times. We offer this service, and can assure that your palm tree will be removed safely and efficiently.

Why remove a palm?

At some point during the lifespan of a palm tree, there will be signs of deterioration. Often, this leads to the dropping of fronds that have the potential to germinate and sprout in the area below. Another sign of this decline is the general loss of colour that comes with time. A more common reason for removing a perfectly good palm is the issues it poses on a potential landscaping revamp or extension. Many homeowners bite the bullet and have the tree removed so they can use the space for other options.

Depending on the placement of your existing palm, you may be causing damage to the rest of your home if you live in harsh weather conditions. The fronds can detach and land on cars or the roof, causing damage that can be expensive to rectify. If you are commonly experiencing damage to your property, it might be time to say goodbye to your palm.

How to remove a palm?

First of all, identifying whether removal is necessary is crucial. Our team of professionals can help you decide what is the best course of action for your palm.

This removal process can only legally be done by a professional. Our experienced and trained team have all of the necessary safety equipment to ensure that the palm is removed carefully. The tree will be cut down bit by bit, but the removal doesn’t stop there. We also grind the stump then take away all of the waste, so you are left with a clean area. The job only finishes when there is virtually no reminder that the tree was there in the first place.

We guarantee that the tree will be removed safely and efficiently, leaving you with the sole focus of what to do with your new space. If you think your palm might need to be removed, give us a call and organise a quote today.

  • Does the Palm Tree pose a danger to people or property?
  • Does the tree show signs of disease?
  • Is the tree protected in any way?
  • Do you need council consent to remove the palm tree?

Get in touch with us today and we can go through all your questions so you can be confident that tree removal is your best option.

Alternatively, we also offer services to get your palm tree looking its best!

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