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Palm Tree Sculpting

When to Sculpt your Palm Tree

When palm trees are in good condition, they provide an undisputed aesthetic to your home or yard. However, when they are in poor condition, they can become a bit of an eyesore. To ensure that your palm tree compliments your home or business the way you desire, appropriate maintenance and care are essential. One of the best ways to keep your palm tree looking 100% all year round, is undertaking some form of sculpting. This process, which is essentially a haircut for your palm tree, is one of the effective services we offer, designed to keep your tree healthy and beautiful.

Why sculpting?

Throughout the lifespan of a palm, the fronds will slowly begin to turn brown, sag and die to make room for the new fronds above. This happens naturally as the palm grows, and results in the fronds dropping to the ground seasonally. Although this process takes care of itself, the old leaf bases remain. The inconsistency in colour as a result can be combated by undertaking sculpting periodically.

Often, being proactive and undertaking sculpting can return the sections of old leaf bases to a regular diameter that matches the rest of the tree, and can stop leaf bases from detaching and dropping regularly. This entire process leaves your tree looking in the healthy natural state it should, and is an excellent way to keep your outdoor areas looking pristine.

What is sculpting?

The process of sculpting should be completed solely by a professional arborist. Attempting to sculpt on your own is extremely dangerous, as it involves operating heavy machinery, and harnessing, all of which requires specific training. Once we have removed the desired area, we will handle the disposal, so all you are left with is your new-look palm.

Using a chainsaw, one of our professionals will climb the tree to shape the old leaf bases and dying fronds to a consistent and tidy appearance. Depending on the climate you live in, this process can have different levels of urgency. In some tropical areas of Australia, old leaf bases and fronds attract bats and other animals, creating a noisy environment, therefore sculpting may be more regular. This also contributes to the cleanliness of your outdoor areas, as the regular dropping of fronds and leaf bases will fill the area below.

Our tree sculpting services include:

  • Removal of all waste and associated debris.
  • Working at height and around power lines or other properties.
  • Working in tight or confined spaces – we have a great deal of experience in these types of situations.
  • Getting your Palm tree into great shape!
  • Everything in your landscape should complement each other to get the best aesthetic value for it.

Sculpting your Palm Tree can enhance your landscape, so call now to see how we can help and discuss all your options.

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