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Palm Tree Shaving

What is palm tree shaving?

An unfortunate reality of palm trees is that they aren’t always going to look as good as they do on postcards from Miami and California. However, there is a lot you can do to keep them looking as beautiful as possible all year round. One of the maintenance options available for palm trees is shaving. We associate palm trees with the long, straight stem, which culminates in the large, arching fronds at the top, to maintain this look the stem (or trunk) of the tree needs rigorous attention.

The old frond bases that are created at the tip of the tree stay on the trunk as the palm continues to grow. A preference to many palm owners is the removal of these old leaf bases, however, this process should only be undertaken by a professional, as to an inexperienced arborist, it can be very dangerous.

Our professionals can come to your property and restore the stem of your palm to something that mimics palm trees the way we imagine them. At the base, the old remnants can be cut off by hand with a knife. However they can be challenging, so this process takes time and care. Once our team have made their way to the healthy fronds, they will take away what they have removed. You will be left with a sturdy and neat looking palm for you to enjoy all year round.

Why do I need palm tree shaving?

Although palm tree shaving is seen as a cosmetic alteration to your palm, there are other reasons for employing this service. It will keep your yard tidy, as fewer birds and bats will be attracted to the area, and the proactiveness of this process will avoid the dropping of old leaf bases for the foreseeable future. There is no understating the importance of a good-looking palm.

Often these trees act as a feature piece for your yard, as they are large and attractive, so to ensure that this feature looks good all year round, shaving should be part of your trees maintenance requirements.

You should be proud of how your yard looks, and with proper palm maintenance that is a reality. A healthy palm will bring your outdoor space to life and keep the area tidy. If you think your palm needs some maintenance, give our team a call and organise palm tree shaving on your property! Our efficient professionals can have your tree looking its best within the day!

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