Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost

Removing Your Palm Tree

At Palm Tree Removals, we are the experts in removing an extensive range of palms all over Australia. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial palm removal, we’ve got you covered!

The cost of a palm tree removal is subjective to a number of factors. Each palm removal project is different, and therefore the price will vary from job to job. At Palm Tree Removal, we offer free cost quotation services for every client. From here we can accurately assess the cost of your project. Below we have listed a few aspects that will determine your removal project’s cost.

Tree Size

The size and amount of palms that require removal will determine how much the project will cost. Larger palms, depending on their condition, will often require more time, specialist machinery and a greater number of skilled team workers in order to remove the tree safely and securely.

Access to The Site

The ease of access to the required site is a highly influential cost variable. When we talk about ease of access we are referring to the ability to get equipment to the base of the tree, as well as the palm’s distance to surrounding buildings and structures as well as the branches that may be overhanging the useble drop zone.

If you have an easy point of access, this can assist in reducing the overall cost of the job and clean up can be completed quickly, costing you less!

Palm Tree Condition

The condition of your palm will influence the job in different ways. Firstly, some trees are protected and will require council approval to remove. If this is the case, our team can assist you in the council approval process.

Secondly, the tree’s condition will determine the time needed to remove it which then reflects back to the project’s cost. Healthier palms prove to be stronger, and therefore, take more time to remove sufficiently, compared to trees that are dead, dying and hollow.

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